The Helvetia brand

“Personality and partnership” shape the profile of the Helvetia brand

Helvetia uses unified brand positioning to address all stakeholders, making it possible to present the company and its offers in a more plausible and consistent way. The terms “personality” and “partnership” are the focal points. Customer needs and collaboration based on trust are the most important factors. Our brand promises of “perfect fit”, “reliability” and “fairness” bring life to the brand. A flexible advertising concept ­allows us to adapt to the customer needs of the country markets. The heart of our advertising campaign is dialogue with our customers and how we support their individual and varied requirements with our products: “Whatever your plans, we’re there for you.” The conversation builds trust and interest and creates the foundation for a solid partnership.

Brand awareness and its perception throughout the Group is surveyed in regular surveys of retail customers and brokers. Our long-term continued involvement in skiing across Europe, the expansion of online activities with country-specific Helvetia blogs and further market processing measures have increased brand awareness of Helvetia in all target groups. Helvetia’s profile as “your Swiss insurer” has been strengthened. The perception of Helvetia as a particularly trust­worthy and quality-focussed insurance and pension institution has seen encouraging development.

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