Compensation report

The compensation report of Helvetia Holding AG shows in a first paragraph the general principles and the main components and criteria regarding the participation rights as well as the loan and credit terms and conditions for members of the Board of Directors and the Executive Management teams. They provide an overview of the philosophy, guiding principles and processes pertaining to the compensation paid by Helvetia that apply to all operational and executive levels. The application of the general principles in the financial year and the specific payments as well as the relevant information for the vote on compensation are then – unless explicitly mentioned – only presented in a second and third part for the Board of Directors and the Group Executive ­Management, which must be reported pursuant to VegüV. All parts comply with the Corporate Governance Guidelines (RLCG) of the SIX, the “Swiss Code of Best Practice for Corporate ­Governance” as amended on 26 September 2014, Circular 2010/1 “Compensation Systems” by the Swiss financial markets supervisory ­authority FINMA, the Swiss Code of Obligations and the Ordinance Against Excessive Compensation in Swiss Listed Companies (VegüV) dated 20 November 2013, which went into effect ­1 January 2014. The Helvetia Holding AG ­articles of incorporation were already fully aligned with the regulations at the 2014 Shareholders’ Meeting.

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