Corporate Governance

Helvetia is committed to meeting the high legal and ethical expectations of its shareholders and all other stakeholder groups to the best of its knowledge and in good faith. This applies in particular with respect to comprehensive, transparent reporting and responsible, value-oriented corporate governance. The main aims here are to further strengthen confidence in Helvetia Group, to safeguard the interests of our customers, and thus ultimately to ensure and sustainably enhance the value of the Group, while also taking account of the best interests of the public. We successfully ensure that the principles of good corporate governance are consistently implemented and continually improved throughout the Group. For the Board of Directors, the Executive Management and all employees of Helvetia, corporate governance is a continuous process that is periodically reviewed and used to integrate new developments, findings and requirements directly into our day-to-day work and responsibilities. Good corporate governance can only be truly dynamic and effective if it is consistently aligned with the Group’s strategy and positioning. For more information, please refer to pages et seq.

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